Autobiographical Garbage - acrylic on canvas

Displayed at Ghost Gallery during the Holiday Mini Art Exhibit - Seattle, WA - 2018/19

Acrylic Paintings on Found Windows

Displayed at Gage Academy of Art during ECHO: The Figure in Memory and Beyond - Seattle,WA - 2018

Internet Intimacy Confession Booth

Displayed at Mount Analogue - Seattle,WA - 2018

"The Internet has the power to connect people from all over the world. We look to it everyday for solace, validation, communication, information, and more. At the same time, the Internet has isolated us from each other in a historically unprecedented way. Internet Intimacy is a physical manifestation of this digital phenomenon. In this confession booth, you are invited to be anonymous, faced only with a glowing screen awaiting your confession. A confession has no limitations. You could divulge anything: a crush, an accident, a kink, a fear, a memory, a deep secret, a humiliation, or anything else. 

Internet Intimacy is an ongoing project of anonymously submitted secrets. Your confession will be catalogued along with all other confessions on our website here:"